The Great Uplift explores themes aligned with the literary genre of Magical Realism, blending the magical with rational elements to create an atmosphere that serves as a vehicle to cultivate a sense of wonder and upliftment in the midst of these challenging times. In studies about the impact of meditation on the inner state, people report feeling a sense of spaciousness and well being when they meditate on a consistent basis. These paintings reveal the experience of this spaciousness, as well as the magical, mystical and alchemical in everyday life. The work offers a sense of rising above worries and stresses and moving through our inner landscapes with the buoyancy found in connecting with the presence of the sacred. Scientific studies such as those done by Paul Piff, PhD at University of Irvine have revealed that the qualities of beauty, wonder and upliftment create the greatest catalysts for social and environmental activism. My hope is that these paintings may be such a catalyst.