June 6th – July 15, 2024

First Thursday Opening Reception: 6-8 pm, June 6th, 2024

Caplan Art Designs, Portland, OR

My recent work explores awakening to the divine presence in life, the buoyancy and resilience that arises through connecting with what has sacred meaning, and the role of daily spiritual practice in mental and emotional well being. The oil paintings reveal inner worlds as vibrant landscapes, exploring how our inner realms are like gardens that can be rejuvenated and enriched when we are spiritually engaged. My recent paintings align with the literary genre of Magical Realism, blending the magical with rational elements to create an atmosphere that serves as a vehicle to cultivate a sense of wonder and upliftment.

Artists have long been considered to be chroniclers making work that reflects what is happening in our world, revealing the problems of our time. Yet these days, what many people are seeking is solace and hope in the midst of a litany of challenges. Each painting is like a portal inviting contemplation; a world to enter into to find support, to find connection with the numinous.

Caplan Art Designs is located at 1323 NW 16th Avenue #1001
NOTE: ENTRANCE to the gallery is on NW Pettygrove between 16th & 17th Avenues